2012 Overseas Surgical Fellowships

The Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland, in partnership with the British Journal of Surgery Society Ltd, are offering Fellowships to sponsor surgeons wishing to work in a developing country, primarily in the least developed countries, on a short-term basis.

The purpose of the Fellowships is to provide training and support for overseas medical schools in the development of their postgraduate training programmes and, thereby, establishing links with these centres.


The principles of the Overseas Surgical Fellowships are:

  • To establish links with surgical centres in developing countries. These links are to provide the opportunity for teaching and postgraduate training of surgeons overseas and, where appropriate, to encourage the exchange of surgeons.
  • In order to allow at least five Fellowships each year, a maximum grant of £2000 will be awarded to each successful applicant.
  • A written report will be required on completion of the Fellowship and award winners will be invited to display a poster at the Association’s Annual Scientific Meeting. The Association reserves the right to submit any report it considers suitable for publication to the British Journal of Surgery.


All Fellows of the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland are eligible to apply for these Fellowships. However, the scheme may be more attractive to:

  • Specialist registrars (years 5 - 6) wishing to broaden their surgical horizons prior to taking a consultant post in the UK.
  • Surgeons nearing retirement wishing to undertake a short-term sabbatical (3-6 weeks).
  • Surgeons who have recently retired.


A full CV should be submitted giving details of past and current appointments including any related work in developing countries. A detailed account of the proposed programme, including full itinerary, costs involved and objectives to be achieved, together with supporting correspondence is required. Details of other organisations approached for funding should also be stated when submitting the application. Fellowship Applications will be assessed and awarded twice a year. The Overseas Surgical Fellowship Committee will pay particular attention to the appropriateness, relevance and feasibility of the proposed programme. The next closing date for applications is Friday 15th June 2012.

Applications should be submitted to:-

Miss Bhavnita Borkhatria Patel
Overseas Surgical Fellowships (2012)
Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland
35-43 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3PE


Previous Overseas Travelling Fellowships
Mr Sidhartha Sinha visit to South Africa
Mr Richard Gardner visit to Malawi
Ms Caris Grimes visit to Ethiopia
Dr Sandesh G Lakkol visit to Malawi
Mr Andrew D Gilliam visit to Tanzania
Mr Paul Harnett visit to Malawi
Mr James Coulston visit to Ethiopia
Miss Verona Beckles visit to Malawi
Mr Nadeem Ashraf visit to South Africa
Mr J Turner South Africa
Ms S Biswas South Africa
Mr T King Zambia
Mr R Freeman Malawi
Mr M Clarke Ghana
Mr T Arulampalam Sri Lanka
Ms Anya Adair visit to China
Mr Michael Puttick visit Nepal
Introductory skills courses were held 19th to 30th October 2005, Nakuru (Kenya) and Zambia (Zambia)
Ms C Mills visit to Zimbabwe
Sheffield Health Action Resource for Ethiopia
No Awards were made
A generous donation from Ethicon enable the Committee to run a number of Introductory Skills Courses:
April 2003 (Gambia and Sierra Leone)
Mr B Hancock visit to Uganda
Mr N Dudley visit to Palestine
Miss M H S Collie visit to Uganda
Mr Surminal Ghosh equipment to Dilla
Mr John Hadfield visit to Pakistan
Mr T N D Peet visit to Uganda
Miss S Slawik visit to Uganda
Mr R M Watkin visit to Egypt
ASGBI Prize for Final MB in Surgery, Kampala, Uganda.
The Committee sent four surgeons to run an Introdcution to Surgical Skills course in Ghana (March 2002).
The Committee supported a meeting entitled "Surgery in the Tropics" to which over 100 delegates attended (October 2002)
Mr J Craven visit to Northern Uganda
Miss Jill Donnelly visit to Ethiopia
Mr Brian D Hancock visit to Uganda
Mr A Leather visit to Somaliland
Mr M I Aldoori visit to Jordan and Baghdad
Mr J L Craven visit to Malawi
Mr B D Hancock visit to Uganda
Mr A Leather visit to Somaliland
The Committee sent ten surgeons to run an Introduction to Surgical Skills course in Ghana (February 2000)
Mr H Daya visit to Tanzania
Mr S J Mannion visit to Malawi
Mr A R Turner visit to Iran
Mr M I Aldoori visit to Iraq
Mr B Hancock visit to Uganda
Mr L S Wong visit to China
Mr R M Watkins visit to Egypt
Mr C Bem visit to Pakistan
Mr C B Koay visit to Malaysia
Mr A Leather visit to Ethiopia
Dr R Dimov training for Bulgaria
Mr I M Rogers visit to Nigeria
Mr R M Watkins visit to Egypt
Mr D C Dunn visit to India
Mr C Holcombe visit to Malawi
Mr R M Watkins visit to Egypt
Mr J J Morris visit to Nepal
Mr T H Brown visit to Bangladesh
Mr J A Rennie visit to Ethiopia
Mr A Fiennes visit to Ghana
Mr A P Barabas visit to Hungary

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