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The Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland is keen to foster links with developing countries who have less developed surgical training and healthcare provision. We wish to encourage international contacts to facilitate individuals and groups to organize visits abroad in order to run surgical skill courses, provide training and lectures and, where appropriate, engage in practical surgery.

Until now there has been no central reference for contact and exchange of ideas, information and itineraries about such visits abroad. It has often been difficult to elucidate precise overseas needs and who may best provide these.

We hope that by promoting a hub for the exchange of such information between individuals, groups and organizations we may improve communications and smooth the way for more national and international Help with Overseas Surgical Training.

Links provides direct access in order to contact other national and international organisations which share similar goals.

Whilst keen to foster and develop contacts, ASGBI is not able to provide organisational facilities for visits.

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